Sensitive Night Cream (peptide-refreshing)

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Product Description


How to use

  1. The perfect night-time treatment to deeply moisturise and remedy sensitive and inflamed skin.
  2. Botanical peptides Botu-Like-Fillox and Myoxinol®  relax expression lines and wrinkles, providing a Botox-like effect.
  3. Oxygenating Oxylastil® and deintoxicating Raifortase work in synergy to promote cell repair.
  4. Ecodermine® perserces and restores skin's ecosystem, fortifying sensitive skin's defence system against aggressions.

Botu-Like-Fillox,Ceramides, Myoxinol® , Oxylastil®, Raifortase, Ecodermine®

Use every night after cleansing and toning. Apply to face and neck with soft touches.

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