BOTU-LIKE FILLOX ESSENCE (Caring for injured skin)

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    2 x 5ml

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    HKD $880.00

Product Description


How to use

  • Natural proteas from South Pole Sea enhances the growing of Collagen Protein I, IV type, and elastic protein of kin
  • Helps restore the elasticity and tension of the skin, and recovers injured skin.
  • Aidenice enhances the forming of Collagen II, which assist skin recovery and rejuvenation.
  • Vitamin K1 special liposome is an effective blood vessel protection phamaceutical preparation that can strengthen the capollary vessel and the duct wall of the veinlet.
  • Picus Carica Fruit Extract is rich in NMF moisturizing factor and Polysaccharide, which enhances the forming of membrane, that maintains and balances the moisture content of skin.
  • Ficus Carica Fruit Proteas activates cell revitalization.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract
  • Ficus Carica fruit extract
  • Lecithin/Caffeine/Butcherbroom

After skin cleansing, apply moderate amount of the Essence on the face, massage gently all over the face, for extremely injured skin, use it with Glowing Essence Cream (EX0366). (Injured skin shall see its sound effect after using for one week.)

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